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He is also survived by his 7 grandchildren: Matthew, Will, and Ellie Aronson; Stephen and Sydney Conrad; and Owen and Henry Hufnagel. Speaker, I want to add my name to the chorus of individuals who were personally touched by David Conrad.

I pray that his family and friends will find peace during this difficult time, but that they will find comfort in remembering the good times and great memories they shared with David.

I probably shouldn’t write this post, but I honestly don’t give a shit. Two balloons, one of which informed me that I had crested the proverbial “hill “and was indeed on my way down it. My husband had spent the better part of the previous week being blatantly, intentionally mysterious.

And that’s a weird way to start a post about my 40th birthday, but seriously, I in no way want to seem as if I am bragging (My sisters will testify that I HATE doing anything that even resembles bragging. I’ve already written about how I am not too happy about turning 40.

Like a three-year-old approaching the Jack Rabbit’s double dip.

I secretly hoped not because while if YOUR husband handed YOU two tickets to Greece and an already packed suitcase, you’d probably jump into his arms and try to rip his pants off in ecstasy, that’s pretty much my worst nightmare.

American actor David Conrad represents a rarity in contemporary Hollywood: a classically trained thespian who continues to stride theater and popular filmed entertainment with great aplomb -- and considerable success in each arena.

I need to mentally prepare myself for getting on an airplane.

Anyway, my husband headed for the restaurant for the day and left me to be nervous about whatever the hell he had planned. And she said, “Gin, since you’re going away for a few days, why don’t I –” And I said, “WHAT?!

On the show he was a little scruffy but he was always ready for his close up, especially as he confused and wowed his on-screen love Audrina Patridge with his philosophies on love, life and being called a boyfriend.

New JB: The star looked very different in the new interview shoot.

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A while later, my husband drove us to the South Side. Drinks imbibed, we retrieved my filthy momdorkmobile from valet.

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