Updating flash websites updating to apple tiger

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Updating flash websites

It's important to understand that even though this settings panel is part of Flash Player, the information will be used by an application created by a third party.Adobe assumes no responsibility for third-party privacy policies, actions of third-party companies in storing information on your computer, or such companies' use of such data or information.

When older content runs in a newer version of the player, and Flash Player needs you to make a decision about enforcing newer rules or not, you may see one of the following pop-up dialog boxes.These dialog boxes ask your permission before allowing the older SWF or FLV content to communicate with other locations on the Internet: To change your security settings or learn more about your options, see the Global Security Settings panel.Some content on the Internet is protected by the content provider using Adobe Flash Access.To specify storage settings for websites you haven't yet visited, use the Global Storage Settings panel.To specify storage settings for websites you have already visited, use the Website Storage Settings panel.

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