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Tvxq yunho dating rumors

Yunho dislikes Jaejoong because the older teen looks girly and comes off as cold. Spring 2002 – Four Seasons and Dating Yun Jae are put in a project group with Heechul and Youngwoon (Kangin). Summer – Fight Yunho tells Jaejoong he thinks Misun is only dating Jae because he is a trainee at SME and she can meet celebrities. You’re just jealous Yunho.” Youngwoon asks why Yunho cares so much. Because he’s my friend.” Fall – Breakup Misun dumps Jaejoong because she sees him with a “girl” having hamburgers. Jaejoong is upset, and Yunho comforts the other teen.(Heechul says, “You wouldn’t have comforted him the way you did if you didn’t like Jae.”) Winter – Disbanded SME decides to go a different direction and splits up Four Seasons.Fall 1999 – Dance Classes Yunho takes his first dance class to get away from his bickering parents. Late January 2000 – Concerned Parents The Kims’ worry about their son makes them sign Jaejoong up for the music club.Jaejoong has a fight with his parents and runs away from home for two days.

In late 2001, at the age of fifteen, Yunho was featured as a rapper and backup dancer in Dana's debut single "Diamond", and briefly toured with her.

Spring 2001 – Meet at SME Audition Jaejoong hears that SME is holding try-outs from Teacher Namgung. Summer – Become Friends Yunho slowly breaks the barriers Jaejoong still has around from his bad boy days.

Yunho hears from his friends that SME is holding try-outs. Winter – Full Disclosure Yun Jae keeps no secrets from each other and knows everything about each other’s past.

Finding out he is adopted, especially when his career is taking off, devastates Jae and makes him question a lot of things about Mr. Yunho choreographs a song for a young seven-member boy group that has only debuted for around a year. The albums/songs Jae works on tops the charts, and the songs Yunho choreographs are very popular because he quickly learns what to add for different concepts to drive the fans the right kind of crazy. Kim asks his son when Jae will give him a grandson when Yun Jae are over. I don’t care how.” May – Epic Fail “Jae, have you ever thought about marriage? ” “Uh…” Yunho tried to think of a way to cover up what was actually turning into a proposal. “I may be a man, but that is how you propose to anyone. July – Latest Composition Jaejoong writes and records a love song for his proposal. Yunho’s audition song comes on, and Jae asked Yunho to dance to it. “Do you remember when we met here over eleven years ago, Yunnie? Jae puts on another CD and sings the song he wrote – “If You’re Not the One.” “Yunho, you are a forgetful pabo who doesn’t know how to propose to someone to save their life.” “Hey now.” “Hey now you’re an all-star? You’re also generous, understanding, handsome/sexy and a great lover.

The group is going for a cute concept, and the fans think the dance is extremely cute and adorable. 31 – The Best Anniversary Yun Jae are going to spend the whole day together, but Jaejoong gets a call from SME about an emergency meeting. When they enter the room Jae prepared, there is an electric piano on the far side of the room and Jae sits down and begins to play “As Long as You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys. You’ve helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and for that I am forever grateful.

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Spring – Girlfriend Jaejoong dates a girl named Heajung.

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