The dating guy s2e10

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The dating guy s2e10

Just when it seems all hope is lost, Noah gives a rousing rally-the-troops speech and they set out into the dead of the night armed with rifles and knives.This action sequence is intercut with the action happening back at Georgia’s house.Our heroes are initially apprehensive to overtake this plantation and it actually takes Elizabeth to make them come to their senses.They escaped the Macon plantation not once but twice, freed Noah from lynching with mere seconds to spare and thwarted countless attempts on their lives. As we learned last week, the master had been keeping Daniel’s infant son in his quarters as to keep Daniel and the rest of la raza from trying to escape.Ern offers to take away his troubles with that codeine-soaked dishrag and August takes a long hit. In an exchange with his big sister, Rosalee, he worries that he will never get to see his mother again.Rosalee assures him that is not the case as all of the moxy and intellect they possess comes from their mama.

Same goes for Christopher Meloni’s August Pullman who we see mourning for the loss of his wife and slave (like how he loved him enough to mourn him but not enough to free him while he was living). James is just a child trying to make sense of this big world the best that he can.

As a character that I wasn’t altogether sure was coming back from last year it was good to see him return only to be quickly reminded again that Cato is actually the worst.

He’s giving one of his self-aggrandizing monologues that he seems to do every episode while he sits post-coital with some raven-haired ingenue.

It will be up to Noah, Elizabeth and the others to sneak in, get the baby and get out with minimal lives lost.

This is , however, so of course that plan goes to the left almost immediately.

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and it seems like just yesterday that we were wondering what the future would hold for our remaining Macon Seven.

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