Taylor kitsch dating peter berg

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You add that to the physical thing—he’s obviously a very good-looking dude—and he’s really able to command the screen.”Kitsch began his stint on Friday Night Lights in 2006, and immediately became a fan favorite.The show also attracted the attention of Hollywood, including directors Gavin Hood and Andrew Stanton, who were huge FNL fans.“The only thing was his Canadian accent was really thick, so I said, ‘Look, I’m gonna bring you in and I think I can get you the job…just don’t talk too much.’” He laughs, adding, “His talent was immediately evident and he has a very wise soul.

He also put on over 20 pounds of muscle doing an exercise dubbed “The Murph.”“It’s no joke,” he says with a chuckle.The 32-year-old Canadian actor has made a career out of playing the brooding, tortured hero, be it as football stud Tim Riggins during the first few seasons of television’s Friday Night Lights, which played out like Cain and Abel lite, or as a former Navy SEAL-turned-marijuana baron suffering from PTSD in Savages.It’s this quality, compounded by high cheekbones, a model bod, and steely gaze—that propelled Kitsch to “next big thing” status.The former hired Kitsch to play the Cajun card-thrower Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while the latter cast him as John Carter.Kitsch had already agreed to star in Lone Survivor before his twin box office bombs.

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After his parents split, he and his two older brothers were raised by their mother in Vancouver. Like most Canadian boys, Kitsch grew up dreaming of being a hockey player.