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It seemed to acquire the name of Anne of Cleves House as late as 1967, when it was put up for sale by an enterprising estate agent.

The unpaid royalist army disintegrated and both sides wanted to go home.

Some time in the 1670s the Jesuits probably quietly moved into the Bishops Palace in the Abbey Grounds, and this became the base for their College of the Holy Apostles.

Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston appointed Samuel Fairclough, his fiery puritan Rector of Barnardiston, to the living at Kedington, as Rector.

On September 21st, John Rous, Minister of Santon Downham, (not to be confused with Sir John Rouse of Henham) was in Bury St Edmunds according to his Diary.

Another person valued the park very differently, unless he included the profits of the livestock in it: he said the new park is not very much charged with deer and conies; and worth yearlie £50.

Because he was still refusing to conform, he was brought before Justice Andrews in December 1578, when his false and malicious opinions , were proved against him.The colony still suffered from internal strife and Wingfield was deposed and replaced by John Smith, who has for many years been regarded, perhaps wrongly, as the founder of Jamestown.Moyse s Hall bought by Feoffees 1626 War began with France and continued until 1629.After about 1120 it seems to have become an hereditary post.Of the 64 Royalist gentry families in Suffolk, these six Catholic families made up a mere nine percent.

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Because of the general air of dissent and tension in Bury St Edmunds in 1582, the Assize judges avoided a sitting in Bury during this year.

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