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Pala Carcai^ this J cannot get a good defcription of as yet.

zni thick as ones thigh; the Fruit is cooling and very fowr^ leives for .d/c-for, fweet meat, and is put in Gtwx.

This is 2i Species of i Y^frfc t;m^/, for if touchy it (huts its.

V 9, : Wtiga fenfitiva, Madrajpatana^ raniofa, virgulis lignofis.

Leaves ( tho very fofcly ) which before w^ere expanded, the branches do not move. in having, much larger Fhwers^ and its L^ijz;^x longer and* narrower, with 10 or more pair on each ftalk, whereas the other has rarely more than five. 2/ J, Arbor Malabarica Fraxini fere folio, oliiculo fru8:us oftangulari Park. Acacia 0//;7r^/^ gloriofa, Colute^e foliis, rachi medio ad genicu- Breyn Vj-.^a. Colutea Indica^ platycarpos flore pavonino five Flos Indicr/s p.

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Neii pouli leu Bilimbi altera minor Amvallis Br^m, Cherame- chah.^ Fig.^.

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