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"You can tell a lot about a person by their thoughts on honeydew," she said, examining a chunk of melon on her fork. I mean, it wasn't the answer I had hoped for -- in fact, it really had nothing to do with melon at all -- but she made a lot of sense.

Eventually I walked her to the lobby, and she boarded her airport shuttle.

Again, my dinner consisted of tortilla chips and Patron.

After four hours of high-speed banter and even higher-speed margaritas, we’d reached that crucial juncture in any date where you’re getting along, but you don’t want to find yourself in the friend zone. “I wasn’t sure, it seems like you’re here for work, and I’m just tagging along.But if it’s a date, I’d say it’s going very well.” “Good,” I said.“So do I.” That night we were treated to a food tour at the resort's Five-Diamond sister property Grand Velas in Nayarit, which included seven stations of gourmet treats including lobster foam.She had also competed in a famous national pageant as Miss Some State.So from this point forward, we’ll call her Miss Travel.

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She was tall and blonde and all sorts of Midwestern nice, and just as quick in person as she had been over text. Then turned to me, “We’ll definitely be hitting that up later.” Oh, Dinner was at Emiliano, the resort's gourmet restaurant, and included an extravagant five-course feast with stuff like fried penale cheese with tomatillo (also known as, stuff I didn’t eat). ” At this point you must be thinking, “It’s on, right?