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Managing and updating your bios

Kevin Beaver, CISSP, is an independent information security consultant, author and speaker with Atlanta-based Principle Logic LLC.

He has more than 18 years of experience in IT and specializes in performing information security assessments.

For this purpose Lenovo recommend either using a command-line shutdown or setting the SMSTSPost Action variable set to use the “SMSTSPost Action” variable and the value set to “More info at –

Nicke Källén also has a blog post with an alternative method for getting past the shutdown requirement – BIOS Packages – Note that due to changes in the way in which the packages are named and the comments included, you will need to remove and replace your existing Lenovo BIOS packages created with this tool.

Version checking for Lenovo models has also been overhauled as the value obtained from does not always fall into a sequence that can be easily compared.

So for Lenovo hardware we are now comparing the BIOS release date, which again works in conjunction with details contained within the package contents.

BIOS Package Detection Script (At least version 1.0.4): Mgr/Config Mgr/blob/master/Operating System Deployment/BIOS/Invoke-CMDownload BIOSPackage.ps1 In order to cater for Lenovo systems we have created an update script which looks at the content of the downloaded package and determines the update method to apply.

This was required as Lenovo have two different methods using either their Win UPTP or Flash CMD utilities.

I've always recommended at least protecting the BIOS configuration with a password.In 2015 Nickolaj was awarded as Power Shell Hero by the community for his script and tools contributions.Author of Config Mgr Prerequisites Tool, Config Mgr OSD Front End, Config Mgr Web Service and a frequent speaker at user groups.You could also consider adding power-on passwords to critical systems such as servers and laptops.It could be argued that every system is critical if it provides network access or contains sensitive information.

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Maurice has been working in the IT industry since 1999 and was awarded his first MVP Enterprise Mobility award in 2017.

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