Junsu and taeyeon dating Live sexy chat in newyork

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Junsu and taeyeon dating

They have every right to protest against American beef, especially if they are contaminated with Mad Cow Disease.Unless you're vegetarian, I'm guessing you eat poultry.

Junsu really focuses on music when he do activities and this is the first time that Junsu is really sweet to a girl....i think Junsu is really in love and has matured and i guess his fans respect him and taeyeon becoz korean fans are still supportive of [email protected] - Koreans are not Anti-American.

I will try to find the comments but i make no promises. :p» Football betting scandal: Wayne Rooney's dad nicked» A Chronological Record of Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited Company/J Morais» Ecuador says U.

Although the response from fans and netizens alike were split, the two cuties had so much in common that they had found companionship within their love. Lucky for us, 2016 is also chock-full of famous pairings.

“We have confirmed with [Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn So Hee] and the news is not true.

They know each other, but they are not dating,” the rep from Key East explained.

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Most idols want to hide about their romantic relationship in order to not lose any fans; some fans really fall in love with their loving idol, which is one-directed actually, and feel like betrayed if their idols reveal they are in a relationship with someone. To prevent such happening, idols always have to be cautious about their behavior and most of them give up dating someone. Fans investigate like a real detective about their idols’ dating.

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