How to avoid dating games

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As a part of my New Year's resolution that year, I decided that 2012 was going to be my year to meet the love of my life.I knew — or assumed — that this meant I had to date a lot.Take yourself off the dating market until you are able to present yourself in a strong manner.

Here's the core of the issue and why following such advice won't attract the love you really want: dating rules force you to navigate your search for love stubbornly by building a persona — or a surface-self, an ego-driven way of existing in the world.

You never want to really show someone you're interested in how you're feeling, right? Ultimately, I was so far removed from my real self during my dates that my search for love felt way more exhausting than fulfilling.

I felt inauthentic and depleted, certainly the ingredients for finding love.

This is another reason you want to wait as long as possible before getting serious as it takes time to pick up player like personalities.

If you are interested in someone who is more focused on how they look (i.e.

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