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Derek fisher dating show

Derek Fisher was arrested on suspicion of DUI over the weekend after he flipped his vehicle early Sunday morning. Who knew Derek Fisher had the biggest ego on the 2004 Lakers?Not a promising first step in figuring out if there’s accuracy behind what I’m watching.Then I searched for the fishing charter accident driving the whole plot behind the show. In this day and age, and with the people shown in the introductory “video” being white adults speaking English, there’s no way this wouldn’t have been covered more extensively in the local, national and international news. After using the powers of the internet to search for the past 90 minutes, I’m decently convinced this show is for dramatic effect only and has no real scientific value. All Discovery Channel needs to do to thrill viewers is show real footage of the creatures up close, not drum up some ridiculous and currently unverifiable story to capture an audience.

The show starts with a dramatic video that looks to be shot by an amateur with friends on a fishing trip.One of the friends hooks what they refer to as “something big” and eventually the boat goes down.Then the show starts talking about how the boat was attacked from below and could have been from a Megalodon.You would think that if a fishing vessel went down mysteriously in April of 2013 off the coast of South Africa with no survivors, it would certainly be in the news. I searched Google, I went to some of the South African news outlet sites and searched through archives and performed searches on boats sinking, etc. I also searched for Hawaii whale carcasses to match the ones described in the show. Additional I looked for any records of the Brazilian Coast Guard rescue video that seemed to show a giant creature swimming near a rescue site. Update: This show was confirmed to be a fake documentary by Discovery.Derek Fisher pulled Matt Barnes' ex and the Kings guard/forward is continuing to pull the former NBA player and coach's card.

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That’s what we were doing That talent disparity is up for debate — last year’s Knicks squad seemed to have better fits and less ego. “One of the challenges for all of us was we were in the basketball department under the umbrella of and who he was and who he is and what he was able to do as coach and leader,” Fisher told B/R. '” Part of this interview was summed up in Fisher’s statement after being fired a year ago.