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Jay – real name Shawn Carter – has accrued hiphop icon status and a clutch of hits, worked with some of the biggest names in music and launched the careers of a few while he's been at it, and has played to millions of adoring fans across the world.

Oh, and he's married to Beyoncé, one of the most famous women on Earth. As Jay-Z wows the crowds at V Festival this weekend, we crunched the numbers to bring you his Top 15 biggest songs in the UK.

And Dane is a very generous actor; he’s not just a guy giving her the line.

2017 saw the 20th anniversary of Jay-Z's very first hit in the UK – and he's come a long way.

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Luc Besson gifts Rihanna with an opulent farewell midway through his space opera, .

The director specifically crafted the role of Bubble — a shape-shifting alien “glamourpod” who bravely supports the titular hero (Dane De Haan) in a rescue mission that ultimately claims her life — for the singer, whom he considers musical royalty. “When I wrote the character, I was inspired by her.

“I made her a real character — the fact that she’s an artist and develops a friendship with Valerian.

Before the main rundown, a few highlights: Released: May 2007Peak: 1 Jay's first ever hit as a guest rapper was back in 1997 when he lent his rhymes to Foxy Brown's Top 10 hit I'll Be, but his most successful would come ten years later, with the star he helped create – Rihanna.

It was a long, wet summer when Umbrella captured the imagination of a British public desperately in need of some joy – not to mention some sunshine.

Off to the right is a standalone, 25-seat movie theater; a combination tennis-basketball court; a mechanical bull; and a half-dozen stables for horses that Drake does not own.

"That's a water slide that comes from the top," he says. One of my goals in life is to have the biggest residential pool on the planet."Drake Calls Macklemore's Grammy Apology "Wack as Fuck"Back in his native Toronto, Drake is in the early stages of building a place on the city's outskirts that will include "an Olympic-size pool inside the house," he says.

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Rihanna wants to be seduced by a character, and she was definitely seduced by Bubble, because it’s an emotional role.”.) Besson says that Rihanna enjoyed shooting her character’s final moments.