Cory and lea admit to dating Xxx elliniko chat login

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Cory and lea admit to dating

What if you don't date your castmates,but somehow you fall in love with your coworker? It may destroy the show,but why is she thinking about it? Cory was waiting in the choir room for Lea and he was thinking about her,he couldn't stop thinking about her,but why? No, Lea donesn't date her coworkers,it' s a serious rule to her,but Cory...

Quinn states that people have been calling him gay because he's in the Club.

Finn has been dating the head cheerleader, Quinn, for four months.

It is revealed that Finn is the son of a single mother, as his father was killed in Operation Desert Storm when Finn was an infant.

During Furt, Finn's mother marries Kurt Hummel's father, thus making them step-brothers.

Finn is previously engaged to Rachel Berry before letting her go to New York City without him in Goodbye. Finn is the substitute director for the New Directions while Will Schuester was in Washington from Glease to Girls (and Boys) on Film, when Will returns to coach New Directions.

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